The World’s First Smart Messaging Platform. It's your world, harness it.

On a daily basis, we’re all being blasted. From every corner of the Internet comes a constant firehouse of data: email, messages, tweets, news feeds, and apps. Our smartphones represent an endless super highway of information and opportunity, but we could all use a little help in navigating that twisted freeway.

At, we believe it’s time for the digital world to be harnessed in a fun, easy way. We believe in the need for a digital ally who can help us look for interesting things, and find the stuff we need so we can don’t have to sweat looking for details. With the clever placement of existing technology, we’re buiding people their own private agents — a concierge in the cloud, who will provide value in our everyday tasks.

We’re forging new pathways: delivering you a smart messaging system to bring the world to you - organized in a helpful package with the aid of your own agent.

Agent + Messaging = Smart Messaging.

Walkabout is something entirely new. We have reimagined what instant messaging, social networking and group communications should look like to match the power of the new devices we carry around with us everyday. We’ve taken this new vision and combined it with modern artificial intelligence to create smart messaging for smartphones.

While Walkabout is a messaging application, it is very different from the current generation of messaging apps simply because now it acts like a command center for your life, empowering its users to do far more than simply text.

With Walkabout You Can:

  • Use your own digital agent to help you manage your digital life and turbocharge smart messaging groups that can quickly find and build knowledge around plans, events and topics.

  • Connect friends who are using different chat and messaging platforms, allowing you to build cross-platform groups around topics of interest and share the awesome things you and your agent find on the web and the world around you.

  • Skip the obnoxious advertising by creating a level playing field between you and businesses around you and on the web. By understanding what you and your group’s plans and interests are, the Walkabout agent is there to help you find the products and services you need, when you need them, unobtrusively.
Our Story

The web has begun its next great transformative change. It is being driven by the merging of the social graph, the smartphone, the semantic web and artificial intelligence. This new transformation is termed the 'knowledge graph' and it represents a revolution in how the world will create, search and share all of its information. The knowledge graph has become the new information backbone of the web and it is growing, changing and absorbing everything in its path. Soon it will contain all of human knowledge, updated every nanosecond.

While the physical hardware of the smartphone has also evolved at a breakthrough pace, the way we actually communicate on it has changed even faster. We need to the ability to really dig into and share knowledge about topics, products and services. On mobile, this is still sorely lacking and cumbersome at best. Think about the web surfing you do on your phone, the number of emails and messages you send vs. actual voice calls. The smartphone has becoming the control center for our lives but it still has a ways to go and could do much more for us to make our lives even better.

Behind the scenes, we’re doing tons of cool stuff with knowledge graph technology and in building Walkabout, we really want to build a smarter messaging platform to better leverage the knowledge graph to deliver whole chunks of active knowledge about everything: people, places, products, services, events, places, pics, videos and streams - everything you need when you need it, right there in your hands! Thats smart.